Explore the Magic of Transformers

Transforms automatically to walk, talk, dance, drive and move! Using advanced flexible structures and more than 3000 modules, Robosen T9 can perform complicated movements automatically. Wake up Robosen T9 via voice control or APP, and watch it seamlessly transform from robot to car, automatically and easily.

Drive as car

Human to car

Push-ups automatically

Futuristic Design

Made of aerospace grade material and equipped with more than 3000 modules, Robosen T9 has a multi-layer electroplated inkjet coating, metal structure, with 22 high-precision servo motors which control the artificial joints to enable incredible transformations.

Relax and Have Fun with AR Games
Simple, intuitive and informative. You can manage the Augmented Reality games via smartphone app that acts as a remote control for reality mode. Enjoy an unprecedented immersive AR gaming experience at the touch of a button.

Play for Fun & Learning

Creative coding is fun and easy. Youngsters and adults alike can learn programming in a fun and immersive way.

Scratch Programming: T9 has modular programming capabilities for multi-interfaces of animation and graph. It uses a scratch programming system to convert obscure programming code into easy-to-understand graphical operations.

3D Programming: T9 is equipped with 22 active joints to support programming of hundreds of movements and notes. With simple motion memory as well as drag-and-drop combinations, you can create your own movements and notes that inspire the imagination.

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